Above: Every VHS cover I could find (US and UK) for the Tinkerbell / Parade / P.P.I. label, copyright dates unknown (late ‘80’s/early ‘90’s). New Age Video / Alpha Video has used elements of the artwork from the second Bugs Bunny tape on it own covers. Other than that, I don’t know the connection between NAV and PPI. The only Tinkerbell cover I know of that isn’t shown here is the Popeye one I featured last year, which still gives me the creeps. (Pics: Amazon, Ebay.)

Some of the earliest cartoon VHS releases by United American Video, circa 1984-5. (Pics: Amazon, Ebay.)

More “Funtime Kid Video” VHS covers, looking markedly better than the 1987 ones that I showed you yesterday! (United American Video, 1988-1991)

Funtime Kid Video covers, or as I call them, “the Funtime Uglies”. (United American Video, 1987)

Above: Goodtimes / Kids Klassics trade and promotional ads from the late 1980’s. Aside from its public domain based material, Goodtimes also paid to sell many Hanna-Barbera and other titles. As with its public domain characters, Kids Klassics loved using the same character pictures over and over again. (Pics: Ebay, including rareads4u and recordrat.)


DICK TRACY: The World’s Greatest Crimefighter (Simitar, 1990)

     Sorry for the dark images on the front cover. The picture and text is entirely red foil, raised for a three-dimensional effect.


THE STORY OF SUPERMAN (Burbank Video, 1989)

ACTION HEROES OF MOVIES & T.V. (1989, Goodtimes)

     For the rest of the week, I’m going to post covers for documentaries about serial and comic book heroes, starting with this collection of clips, trailers, and other vintage bits of public domain film.
    I’m busy with theater this week, so I won’t have much to say about these tapes other than that they’re a lot of fun.